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image Scamosceria Italiana


From carriages to car bodywork

In 1907, when Scamosceria Italiana started to produce leather for cleaning carriages and silverware in a small plant in Borgaro Torinese, nobody imagined that a century later chamois leather would have become an irreplaceable, ideal means of drying cars.


Thirty years later, the Borgaro - based company joined forces with Monza’s Industria Marocchini and began to produce hat bands, using the finest sheepskins. Back then no one could have predicted that skiver would become a versatile fashion item, highly valued by the most famous leather goods and clothing manufacturers.


Many things have changed in the last century, with Mesi (Marocchinerie & Scamoscerie Italiane Spa) becoming a large tanning company, capable of processing over one million ovine skins a year.At the same time the company’s traditions are still preserved and developed by its family-run management, now in its fourth generation, and by an efficient, dedicated workforce, who is fully aware of the worth of the organization to which it belongs.